Hvem er du?

We determine who we are by what we look like. And when we look in the mirrors like

this, we ask ourselves the question, who am I? Who am I on this journey called life?

who am I? I hope you haven't bought into the idea that you are what you look like.

Or your worth is determined your parent looks like, or by what you did.

I hope that you figured out by now, if you lived that way, you will be constantly

looking at yourself and thinking; I am not good enough, I am not tall enough,

I am not buff enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not beautiful enough,

I am not anybody.

Hva liker du ved deg selv?


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01.feb.2011 kl.13:27

like at har mine egne meininga om ting og trr vr rlig, selv om d kanskje ikke alltid e like hyggelig^^ og at e kreativ lika gjr nkka nytt. Og at e venn me d <3


07.feb.2011 kl.12:35

Du e s st Bjrk ^^

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